Unique Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of using GeoSight’s geosteering services is that your preferred geosteering software is utilized to make all interpretations. This enhances communication between staff geologists and the geosteering analyst. Both parties may have access to the software and database should a difficulty or questions arise, and both individuals attain a mutual understanding of the advantages and limitations of said software. Such interaction can help train your staff to geosteer as well.

Another benefit that sets GeoSight apart from the competition is that you have a consistent interpreter on each and every well. No target changes or new interpretations every time the well is passed to another geosteering specialist for the weekend. Lessons learned are retained for future wells. Strong working relationships are developed between the geosteering interpreter and your team. You will receive a consistently reliable outcome.

GeoSight personalizes interpretation presentations to fit your needs and delivers them at the frequency and times you desire.

Let experience work for you!