Blanche Ramsey, P.G.

Ramsey_8781_web_colorI founded GeoSight as a geologic consulting business in 2008, and my business has grown over the years exclusively from word-of-mouth.  I specialize in petroleum Operations Geology. I have extensive geosteering experience in over a dozen geologic formations. I have a proven track record of quickly transitioning to new reservoirs. Since founding GeoSight, I have worked with over a dozen operators and have successfully geosteered several hundred horizontal wells.

I started my higher education at Tulane University in 1996. I fell in love with geology in the first five minutes of Geology 101. I graduated with a bachelor of science in geology in May of 2000. My graduate studies at Rice University began the following Fall and focused on convergent margin structures (publications below). I graduated from Rice with a masters in geology in January of 2004.

After grad school, I began work at Anadarko Petroleum (APC) in deepwater eastern Gulf of Mexico exploration. The majority of my experience with APC was as a Development Geologist in the East Texas Bossier fields, where I earned the nickname the Horizontal Queen after geosteering several successful horizontal Bossier sand wells. I also evaluated the production potential of the Bossier shale. In addition to a short stint in the North Louisiana (Vernon) development group, I helped organize recruiting efforts and planned numerous activities for G&G interns as an Intern Coordinator.

My desire to work at a smaller company led me to Southwestern Energy (SWN) in early 2006. There I worked as a Senior Geologist as well as an Economic Planner. Highlights from my geologic work at SWN include Overton field development (88+ wells drilled and completed), geosteering the first SWN Cotton Valley horizontal (IP of 8.8 MMCFD) in Overton, and geosteering the first SWN James Lime horizontal well (IP of 14.4 MMCFD) in Angie field. My planning position included maintaining the rig schedule, leading rig schedule team meetings, updating monthly capital forecasts, coordinating team quarterly reviews, presenting and reconciling team goal metrics (actuals & forecasts vs. budget) with upper management, booking reserves, and planning the 2008 team budget.

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