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“Blanche is an excellent geosteerer. Her reports are timely, detailed and accurate. She thoroughly documents the steering of each well. I will continue to employ her to geosteer my wells. I recommend her highly.”

– Christy Reed, Senior Staff Geologist at Southwestern Energy.

“In the Geosteering process, it is not uncommon for Geosteerers to devolve into a tendency to “microsteer” the well, whereby the Drilling Engineer begins to chase minor changes in bed dip or some other formation parameter as a result. When this occurs, the as-drilled well path can become very tortuous, as well as requiring unduly frequent episodes of progressively slower ROPs from the required slide drilling. As a minimum, it can result in greatly reduced drilling efficiencies and could ultimately result in a failure to land the production casing at the terminus of the well.

I have been working with Blanche and GeoSight for several years now, drilling horizontal wells for several operators in different areas. Blanche clearly understands the level of Geosteering balance needed to maintain the integrity of the well path within the targeted formation, without creating well bore problems from too much Geosteering while drilling. Her interpretations are well thought out and she always considers the macro view of the well before recommending changes to the well path. I can highly recommend GeoSight for Geosteering in horizontal well drilling applications.”

– Bob Zaunbrecher, President of and Drilling Engineer at HTK Drilling Management

“I first contracted Blanche Ramsey to be a geosteering consultant on Common Resources Haynesville Shale horizontal wells in East Texas. Blanche came highly recommended to me by Southwestern Energy where she had been performing successful geosteering operations within their James Lime acreage. Blanche quickly proved her geosteering technical expertise in our Haynesville wells, so much so that Common Resources expanded her role into our Eagle Ford Shale wells in South Texas. Blanche became the primary technical resource for well placement within the Eagle Ford Shale and when Common Resources sold its Eagle Ford Shale acreage to Talisman Energy, Blanche was retained by Talisman to continue geosteering Eagle Ford Shale wells on their South Texas Syndicate acreage. Blanche is a valued technical resource for anything geosteering related. She possesses the rare ability to combine top tier geosteering knowledge with excellent communication skills and concise report writing. Blanche understands the need to always be on top of the geosteering operations and on time with communications and reports. I would strongly recommend Blanche Ramsey (GeoSight) as a geosteering consultant to any company requiring assistance with its horizontal drilling operations.”

– Lane Hammons, Sr. Operations Geologist at Common Resources.

“Blanche, we just finished frac’ing the [Eagle Ford horizontal well]. Your interpretation was extremely helpful and it explained many “weird” things that we saw during the frac job. Just wanted to let you know that you nailed the interpretations on that well. Great job.”

– Ed Skrljac, Production Engineer at Crimson Exploration.