GeoSteering Chart
Interpretations of survey and MWD data are updated and distributed to your team and/or partners at your chosen frequency and times of day. Interpretations are presented in a customizable format along with concise text summaries. You can alter everything from the depth scale to colors of formation tops until a template for your group meets your exact needs.
Cross Sect crop
Presented interpretations typically include a cross sectional view displayed in feet vertical section or measured depth along the x-axis and depth in TVD along the y-axis. The cross section displays the borehole relative to the formation tops and target line, each clearly labeled. The cross section allows one to visualize how the formation dip has changed along the lateral and the location and offset of faults.
Corelation Log
In addition to the cross section, presentations may include a log correlation between offset vertical well data and the drilling well logs. This allows one to see how well the MWD data correlates to the offset well data. The log correlation can display formation top labels, current stratigraphic position and target.
Sample Final Reports
After TD has been reached, you may choose to receive a post-drill geologic summary to include pre-drill expectations, a post-drill interpretation synopsis, and a recommended target for future offset wells based on lessons learned.